Support Our Parish

There are several ways that you can support our Parish Church. Parishioners can provide the gifts of Time, Talent and Treasure.

You cannot buy it, sell it or stop it. What will YOU do with this personal gift from God which is unique to you? Stop and think of God first in everything you do with your time every day, and then invest it. Do not just spend it. It is really not hard, God is with you. Invest your time and:

  • Pray whenever you have a free moment. Thank God for your life, your health, your family. Pray for a loved one, a friend or anyone in need. Pray maybe just say “thank you Lord” whenever you think of God. Talk to Him, He will listen.
  • Give a warm heartfelt greeting to every one you meet. Be friendly and kind. Ask how their day is going and then LISTEN to their response.
  • Play a game with your children or friends that they want to play.
  • Help in a community project.
  • Volunteer at your parish. Visit the St. Gabriel Ministries page.
  • Go to a friend’s funeral and offer your condolences.
  • Write a thank you card.

These are just a few of the thousands of examples of time. Your time is your gift to share. Assess how you use this gift from God today then CHOOSE to use it for His purpose.

Your talents are gifts from God who instilled them in you before you were born for His purpose. Make a list of all your God given talents, then decide how best to use these special gifts to give to Him and others. Honor God everyday as you use your talents. Your talents might be: Singer, Musician, Teacher, Gardener, Carpenter, Painter, Writer, Listener, Business Man/Woman, Speaker, Artist, Office Worker, Technology Specialist, Counselor, Babysitter, Kind Person, and Computer Person. Share your list with your parish and community, offering your talents to be used whenever they are needed.

Pray to God asking for the wisdom to understand the truth that your treasures here on earth are indeed gifts from Him. Knowing this in your heart will enrich your life forever, God wants you to love from your heart. For from your heart you will joyfully share His treasures. Think of God first. Give your gifts to God from the first fruits, not from what is left over. Give the gifts of treasure to God from your heart as a sacrifice to Him with true joy, not out of obligation. Not equal giving, equal sacrifice. The giving of your treasure to God as a sacrificial gift of thanks to Him is a personal gift between you and God. This gift of treasure can be used to fulfill Christ’s request of us as Catholics to feed the hungry, clothe the poor, help the needy, care for the sick and grow His church and our parish. AS you Review your faith journey in Sharing Our Time, Talent & Treasure, look at the treasures God has entrusted to you and decide what personal sacrifice you and your family can make to maximize your gifts. St. Gabriel’s needs your sacrificial gift of treasure to continue in our ministries, maintain our facilities, and meet the obligations of our mortgage.

  • Make your commitment.
  • Increase your treasure contribution.
  • Maintain a regular giving.
  • Make a special end-of-year donation.