St. Francis Landscaping Committee

The grounds at St. Gabriel are vast and beautiful. Volunteers planted all the trees, bushes and plants surrounding the areas. The need continues where volunteers clean, trim and further embellish the areas around the church, statures and places of contemplation,. Donations are also accepted of plant material and money for mulch, bulbs, etc.

Stephen Ministry

The Outreach Program helps those among us who live very quiet lives. It helps to provide a support network to insure safety, nurture spiritual growth, satisfy emotional need for friendship and provide a helping hand when needed. This ministry requires a commitment of one hour a week for home visits. The names of shut-ins are provided.

Sunday Choir

This church choir sings at 10:30 masses on Sundays. It has a practice once a week and assists the congregation in songs of praise. New songs and mass part are taught to the parish further enhancing our worship.

Technology Counsel

The Technology Counsel performs IT planning and support for the chuch, offices and rectory.  We are volunteers that make ourselves available on an as-needed basis.  Rather than hold monthly meetings, we communicate via email and meet to discuss specific issues when necessary.


Young Neighbors in Action is a group of high school aged men and women who work at an underprivileged site for one week a summer.  The day’s work is supplemented with spiritual activities.  Please contact us with any questions at .

Youth Group

The Youth Group at St. Gabriel’s is open to all children in grades 5-8.  This group focuses on social activities, community service opportunities and shared experiences. We meet once a month, typically the 3rd Sunday of the month from 6:30-8pm & occasionally have an outing.   For more information please contact: Deb Lazarz or Kim Conlin at