Perpetual adoration occurs all day on Tuesdays from after morning mass until closing with benediction.  Parishioners are asked to sign up for an hour at a time to pray in front of the Eucharist.

Adult Altar Servers

Adult altar servers minister at weekday morning and funeral masses. They assist the priest at the altar by setting and clearing the altar. They also distribute programs to those attending the services. A short training is offered.

Altar Sodality

The altar sodality is a group of parishioners who join in fellowship to help clean the altar and sanctuary area of the church. Dusting, vacuuming, cleaning/replacement of candles and caring for plants are linens are among the tasks.

Banner and Liturgigraphs

Banners are made for liturgical seasons and celebrations to help enhance our worship.  Liturgigraphs are the décor in front of the altar to include flowers and symbolic items.  Anyone interested is invited to join.

Baptism Robe Making

Each newly baptized infant is presented with a white robe during the baptismal ceremony. These robes are sewn by parishioners. This ministry emphasizes the desire of the parish to support the new Christian as a member of the community.

Bible Study

This group gathers on Monday mornings at 10:00. We open the bible and after reading, discuss in the light of the era and compare it to today’s world and the difficulties we face today. We seek to find what Jesus wants for us and out world.

Bulletin Stuffers

Bulletins sometimes need additional space for special announcements.  Bulletin stuffers insert the papers usually on Thursday or Friday before the weekend masses.

Children’s Choir

The children’s Choir allows young people of our parish to express their prayers through song. A weekly practice is offered and the children sing at one mass a month along with special feast days and services.

Mary Maselik and the children’s choir are looking for new members!  The group meets every Tuesday from 6PM to 7PM.  Please contact Mary Maselik for more details.


All Collections at st gabriel the Archangel Church is counted by pairs of people, sorted and attributed to tax forms. The Counters meet after each Mass and are scheduled in the office.