What you need to know about Online Giving

Before using the New ParishSoft Online Giving, you will need to discontinue any scheduled offerings that you have on the legacy St. Gabriel – Electronic Contribution System, also know as Legacy Online Giving.

The images below depicts the difference between the two login portal.

If you need to discontinue your offerings from the legacy system, please click on the picture under the Red & Black header. The link will bring you to the legacy system.  Please log in and click the option for My Payment Method.  Select the type you’ve used, Credit Card Account or Bank Account, and delete the payment listed.  Do the same if you use all method listed.

If you are a new user or a returning user and have already discontinued using the legacy system, please click on the picture under the Blue & White header.

New Online Giving Legacy My Own Giving

How to remove payment method(s) on the Legacy My Own Giving?
  1. Login to the Legacy My Own Giving portal.
  2. Once logged in, Select My Payment Method
  3. Your payment methods will be displayed.  Note that there are different displays for credit cards and bank accounts.
  4. Click on the Delete option as illustrated above and that specific payment method will no longer be used.
  5. Repeat this process for each credit ATM or Debit cards and bank account.
  6. Make sure to log out once you are done.
  7. Click here to register an account in the New Online Giving System.
Where to download the New ParishSoft Online Giving Instruction Guide
Online Giving Instructions Guide 190213.pdf

Online Giving Instructions Guide

How are my contributions used?

How are my contributions used?