Special Colletion Schedule

2018 Schedule

Date Collection Date Collection
January July
Debt Reduction* Debt Reduction*
Initial Offering* Jul 1 Haiti*
Jan 7 Haiti* Jul 15 Utilities and Energy*
Jan 14 Catholic University August
Jan 21 Utilities and Energy* Debt Reduction*
Jan 28 Catholic Home Missions Aug 5 Haiti*
February Aug 12 Church in Eastern Europe
Debt Reduction* Aug 15 Assumption
Catholic Free Press Aug 26 Religious Education*
Feb 4 Haiti* September
March Debt Reduction*
Debt Reduction* Sept 2 Haiti*
Easter Flowers* Sept 30 Fall Collection for Schools
Feb 18 Latin America October
Mar 4 Haiti* Debt Reduction*
Mar 18 Catholic Relief Services Oct 7 Haiti*
April November
Debt Reduction* Debt Reduction*
Apr 1 Easter* Christmas Flowers
Apr 1 Haiti* Nov 1 All Saints
Nov 2 All Souls
May Nov 4 Haiti*
Debt Reduction* Nov 18 Campaign for Human Development
May 6 Haiti* December
May 10 Ascension* Christmas Flowers
June Debt Reduction*
Debt Reduction* Dec 2 Haiti*
Jun 3 Haiti* Dec 8 Immaculate Conception
Jun 10 Catholic Communications Dec 9 Retired Religious
Jun 24 Holy Father Peter’s Pence Dec 25 Christmas